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"All the sadness, all the hurt... and you still wanna break free!"

Ah, another Monday gone, the Monday when I work always seems so long :/ The customers on a Monday always seem in such bad moods (*Guess cos it's Monday*) but it was pretty much a fairly normal Monday...well...except when I SOMEHOW managed to get a tiny sliver of metal in my finger, while on the till, I mean, where in the HELL did it come from!? I had just taken a £20 note from a customer and all of a sudden my finger stung and there was this tiny piece of metal in it, I spent the next 15 or so minutes trying to get it out when I had the chance in-between customers, but just couldn't grab it, in the end I decided to call the supervisor to tell them about it so I could get the time to get it out.

The supervisors took a look at it and asked if I wanted a first aider, I decided it was probably for the best, but seems like there were no first aiders in XD So they sent me up to the Pharmacy instead to get them to look at it. One of the people up there kept telling me not to poke it ect. but they were way too busy to really take a look at it ^^; Then one of the other checkout supervisors came up and after I told her why I was there, she took a look at it and after a little while she managed to get the damn thing out XD

Gwah, it felt so silly having all that fuss over something so small, I get stuff stuck in my fingers all the time there XD Especially when I was on the wines aisle.
Worst thing about it though was that even a simple thing like this makes me go bright red and feel really flustered, it's kinda embarrassing but I have no control over it .__. And when I say red I MEAN red, seriously, think of a blotchy red coloured rash, it looks like that, I'm so glad they let me have my break after that X__X

Also, another work thing, about half an hour or so before my shift ended, I was serving one of our staff. A nice fellow who works on the produce bit, a pleasure to talk to, he's always in a good mood, he just talks a little loud and kinda slow sounding. Well, after he left, the customer who had been behind him asked me if this guy was a "little barmy" cos of the way he talks, I really didn't like this man's attitude with that comment. No sir, he isn't crazy, he is just himself and that's the way he talks, live with it.
So wish I had the guts to say that to that customer's face :/

Oh well, I'm now into my good week, which means lotsa time spare to do stuff YAY!

I best get to bed but I'll leave you with this video:

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One of the episodes I'm releasing screenshots of on April 1st is one of my favourite eps "Address Unown" and since I had encoded it on my computer anyway to take the pictures I decided to upload this little clip of my favourite scene of the episode.
Poor Larvitar ;~~~~;
This was probably one of the most unique and deepest episodes the show has ever done.
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