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Pokémon Screenshot Requests OPEN

First of all I'm gonna announce something special. April 1st is of course the exact day the Pokémon anime turns 10 years old, so for the next few weeks I'm going to be capping as MANY Pokémon episodes as possible for release on type_wild On April 1st.

What I want from you folks who read my journal here is to request an episode you wish to see fully screencapped. You can request any episode from the following seasons (*Some currently have restrictions*):

Indigo League (*Episodes 1-26*)
Orange League
Pokémon Master Quest
Pokémon Advanced
Pokémon Advanced Challenge
Pokémon Advanced Battle (*Up to the Hoenn Grand Festival*)
Pokémon Battle Frontier
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Pokémon Chronicles

If the episode is one I've already capped, no worries, I'll just upload it with the rest on the day. Please try to give me the episode title so I know which one you want, if you're unsure, use the episode lists on Serebii
I'll try and get these all done for April 1st, but no promises, since work is bound to get in the way, but I think for the 10th anniversary it would be nice to take requests.

So request away!!

EDIT: I've decided to add Pokémon Battle Frontier to my list of seasons to request from as I have most of the Japanese RAW episodes from that, I think there are only a few I'm missing.


Weird. At work, we have our own brand energy drink and all of a sudden it's gotten an age 16 restriction on it that wasn't there before, granted it says on the can it shouldn't be given to children, but I know people buy it for their kids and today I had to stop a 12 year old from buying 4 cans of the stuff because of the new restriction (*Not sure if it was genuine or a possible age restriction test, though the girl looked a bit confused, but seemed weird a 12 year old was being sent into the shop on her own at 9pm at night to get only 4 cans of energy drinks, I did think she was with the customer before, but they walked off without her so...*shrugs*)
Though the weird thing is, Red Bull, which is effectively the same thing, doesn't have the restriction.

To any UK peeps on my list especially, did Red Bull EVER have an age 18 restriction on it at one point here in the UK? I swear when I was a kid, I was in Jackson's with one of my parents once and I asked them why it could only be sold to over 18s when it wasn't alcohol and whichever parent it was told me it was because of the caffeine content of course, I remember that but no one else seems too, unless it was just a Jackson's thing. I researched on Wikipedia and all it told me was that Morrison's have a restriction and some places restrict how many are sold to one customer at once, hummmm...

Talking of age restrictions, our till still doesn't prompt us to ask for ID when selling hairspray (*Which has an 18 age restriction in our store*) same goes for a few other bits and bobs. It's okay if you know the restriction, but not okay if you aren't concentrating and let it though, the prompt on the till is there to REMIND us in those circumstances. I brought up the hairspray issue when we re-did our think 21 training last year and was told it should have a prompt, but none has been put on.
Me thinks I should write down what should have a prompt and bug our supervisor in charge of Think 21 ;D
Even though I don't agree with our SUPER SAFE everything is getting by loads of stuff having age restrictions slapped on them cos a few stupid people abuse the product, I'd also like the fail safe to be there, cos I know what my memory and concentration is like XD;
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