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Arrr mateys~

Just a quick post before I drag myself off to bed.
Work today (*Well yesterday, but still...XD*) was better today, I was not put on the basket till at all HURRAH! Also it was Comic Relief today so we had our little Non-Uniform/Fancy Dress thing, I was surprised at how many didn't do either actually. As for the ones who did fancy dress, I saw a Ladybird, Batman and Robin and 5 Pirates XD I'm so totally gonna suggest later in the year that we bring back our fancy dress for Christmas week and do a PIRATE themed day 8D
It's too bad we can't do it for International Talk like a Pirate day actually D:

Well, just the weekend and Monday to work then I at least get Tue-Thur plus Sat-following Tue off :D Don't really want overtime, not after I worked 36 damn hours on my last "good week", no it's staying a good week this time.

Gwah, tired, need sleep |o
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