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First part of this post I'm gonna link you to PikaTube, it's a little page on the 10th movie site (*Name obviously based on Youtube*) with some behind the scenes footage, basically, I'm linking cos the little "PikaTube" logo is insanely cute XD Also one of the videos shows us the recording of the music for the trailer~~~ <3 OMG PRETTY~~! I totally recorded that onto the sound recorder on my computer, may not be great sound quality but it's there just in case it isn't included on the 10th movie OST.

For the rest of this post it's just me moaning, god damn work, I swear, lately I end up on the basket till at least once EVERY shift I go in and today it was HORRIBLE!
So it's busy, but I'm free cos no one is coming to me with 10 Items or less (*Dunno why they call one of the basket tills 10 items or less, we still use it as a basket till to be honest*) but a woman with a trolley full comes up to me so I had to turn her away and she starts whining about how it's a "Stupid Policy" blah blah blah, yeah I don't like it to lady but if I had let you through and someone with a basket came behind you I'd get an earful of complaining from them too.
So then another lady and her husband come to my till with a trolley full and I turn them away too, and first lady starts moaning again blah blah blah.

So the owners of the second trolley full ends up asking the supervisor if they can go through and what does the oh so lovely supervisor do but LETS THEM THROUGH! Wouldn't of been so bad if it WASN'T BUSY and that I hadn't just been turning them and the other customer away. Only bad thing is with accepting trolleys is that other people with trolleys think "Well they're going through so I can too" and I get MORE trolleys through and I CAN'T turn them away cos I'm still serving the trolley the supervisor let through.
So I finish that, but behind all the new trolleys in my queue I of course get an old man with a basket complaining about it >< I tried to explain to him what had happened and apologized, yet I heard him mumble something along the lines "Well if it's gonna be like this..."
Then it gets super busy all of a sudden which is AWFUL on the basket till for me cos I start getting mini panic attacks which stops me from concentrating as much and makes me really confused. On a normal till it's okay, you usually only get about 2 or 3 people in the queue including the one your serving, on the basket tills you get about 5-7 ><; I feel boxed in and stressed out and most of the customers who go through the basket till always look moody and are in a rush.


Another work gripe is the fact that we can go in non-uniform or fancy dress tomorrow for comic relief, that itself is awesome, but, the fact that they give you a few days notice really ISN'T. I worked most of last week and no one uttered a word, then, I went back to work yesterday and find posters up about it! Not enough time to make a costume! >< It's like that at Christmas too if we do fancy dress, it's a last minute thing. Though we didn't do anything like that last Christmas...last Christmas was kinda sucky anyway |\

Blah, just very very blah.

Gonna relax with some pizza now I think |\
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