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Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai New Preview!

Newest preview to the 10th Pokémon movie! It looks so awesome *__*

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I REALLY love that music at the beginning and I demand it be on the OST, cos I remember last year when the 9th Pokémon movie trailer had some awesome music in it and it wasn't on the OST D:
And yeah, as awesome as this looks, remember this is a Pokémon trailer and they have habits of showing us scenes that aren't even in the movie XD That bit where Pikachu has tears in it's eye and shouts out right at the end, that probably won't be in the movie, they tend to show scenes like that with Pikachu or Ash and they never show in the movie itself XD

But yes~~~ Looks so awesome *__*
Tags: 10th anniversary, Pokémon, ash, darkrai, dialga, diamond & pearl, palkia, pikachu
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