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I'm going to cons in my dream now Oo;

Yay for dreams! XD I dreamt I was at an anime con last night, according to my dream it was a one day event and the person I was with kept changing Oo;
First I was with Carly at the beginning of the con, we walked around for a bit then joined the queue for the dealer's room, while there we were looking at plushies they had in baskets outside, I ended up finding a Koffing plushie...which was a Weezing on the other side of it? Oo; And a few Charizard figures to! Suddenly the queue had vanished and we got to the front, the guy letting people in let Carly in but not me and I was waiting ages to get in cos said guy wandered off, didn't stop someone from sneaking in though :o

So the guy comes back, manages to stop another idiot trying to sneak in and finally lets me in. The Dealer's room is very small and for some odd reason in the corner of this room is a black coloured PYLON that goes through the roof Oo; I was rather WTF in my dream about that too, I was all "Why is there a pylon in here and why isn't there any fencing around it?"

After that I was with nightowldarksky, though we were outside the con messing about on the street for some reason, we kept going up what looked to be spooky long alleyways for a video XD;

After that I woke up, but I went back to sleep again and the dream carried on (*It's awesome when it does that*) and I was with Helen (*Well I think Helen and Carly kept alternating XD*) and we were in some canteen with all this Japanese looking food laid out, there was this HUGE queue too so we found a place to sit down, then Helen/Carly left and eventually I wandered off to find some guy who was cooking stuff, he started cooking something for me (*Well he was chopping up vegetables and I was putting them in the frying pan.
Then, someone comes in and says the room we're in is being used for a lecture, there like people eating in that room and that woman is all "Okay, clear off :D Thank you!"
Then I woke up again cos Helen rang me XD I'm glad she did, I needed to get ready for work and stuff X__X; And it let me discover Carly had sent me a text message on my phone...from Friday...Oo; Ooops. I'm not used to checking my phone so... :x

Also, I was up until 3AM this morning watching the first three episodes of "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" on Youtube XD

"Children of the sun, see your time has just begun, searching for your ways, through adventures everyday.
Everyday and night, with the condor in flight, with your friends in tow, you search for the cities of Gold~~~"

Nice to see I was enjoying it last night as much as I did back when I was a kid XD
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