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More Cosplay Ideas? XD

Hummmm, my mum is probably gonna kill me for I have yet another cosplay idea! XD Well it's not like we've started on ANY of my ideas at all, this one looks complicated but should be easy-ish to make out of existing clothes and such, the cape I imagine can be made out of a bed sheet/quilt cover it's just getting the right colour.

Anybody know of any stores in the UK that will sell fabric dyes? Hummm, I guess I could check Hobby Craft in the Meadowhall retail park, they seem like the place to have such things.

...not sure if I mentioned the nice old lady Jehovah's Witnesses that came round about a month ago...well...one of them came back TODAY! X__X; Whaaa! No you are not converting me, I like my non-religion life thankyou very much ;__; To be honest I wish they wouldn't do that, call door to door, as much as this old lady is very very nice, it's kind of annoying to have someone come to your door about stuff like this I have no interest in. Guess it's partly my fault for leading her on by taking the magazines she's giving me....but that makes them go away faster :/ and usually they don't come back ><;
Ha, she asked how I found the last magazine she gave me XD Me: - "Erm...I found it....interesting >>;" *Totally never read it*

Meep gotta get ready for work v__v;
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