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So, I registered for Amecon! YAY! I've also been doing a hell of a lot of research into hotels and the on-site accommodation since I'll be staying in one or the other this time. I found what seems to be a nice hotel which is only up the road from the uni, plus it's prices for single rooms are pretty much exactly the same as the price for the En-Suite on-site accommodation, which is also an option, don't really want to go for the other on-site accommodation, I'd rather have the En-Suite one. Thing is I need to figure out which one I'm gonna go to quick, the hotel I was looking at only has 21 rooms, and the Opal Court accommodation is gonna go super fast |\ There's a few other hotel choices I've picked out, but some have even less rooms, don't have much online information or have terrible high prices X__X

Gonna note Carly over dA tomorrow if she doesn't note me first and just give her some of the prices I've found and see what she thinks.

In other news, I didn't get to watching Haruhi because I found out Saturday night that I WAS working today D: Then the rest of my day consisted of doing this accommodation research XD; Oh well, maybe tomorrow ^^
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