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Out with the old, in with the new!

Blah, for some odd reason I was finding it hard to sleep last night, I remember the last time I saw was about 6am, blah, stupid bin men are loud too and I don't mean their truck, gwah, one of them was shouting something at the top of his head X__X;

Hummm, so last night I FINALLY got round to blitzing most of PDU, clearing out what I didn't need. My idea for a full Pokémon screenshot site is sorta on the backburner as it were, I'm too lazy to upload them all XD BUT I've decided I'm gonna run a "fandom blog" there and post things similar to what I do here, so I'll post screenshot releases there when I release them on Type Wild!! It will also be updated with my fanart, icons, reviews, views on fandom news and rants :D Nothing is complete without fandom rants! Plus special pictures like my card art scans and panned images.

While throwing around a few names for it last night with others in the DA_r2 IRC channel, I blurted out RAINBOW DRAGON the name was instantly liked so yeah, my fandom blog is now named after Johan's ace card! XD
And even though it's not officially open right now: http://www.pdunited.co.uk/index2.html That's how the page is looking so far! I love the banner :D
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