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Izumi-Sensei is teh cool....

Man there's nothing like watching 5 hours of dubbed Digimon Frontier to make you respect the Japanese version so much more than you already did XD I mean c'mon the fight with Takuya VS BlackSeraphimon was so much more emotional in the Japanese version, I actually almost cried when watching it for that first time and then I watched it in the dub and I'm like..."Meh..." Though Kouji's scenes with Duskmon in episode 27 were okay.

I need to rewatch the Digimon Frontier Japanese episodes...I'm bound to understand a bit more Japanese in them now... XD
...talking of Japanese Frontier....where'd the hell did the Wolfpack fansubs website go? It says that it can't be found O_o; Nuts... and I was gonna download episode 43 too....ah well I got episode 44. I hope the site comes back...

Just watched episode 33 of FMA too....Eeee! Teh Alchemy is so cool X3 And Izumi-Sensei I think is one of the few female characters in anime I actually like...I think Hinata from Naruto is the only other one XD But poor Ed, at the end Al was taken away by greed and his posse and the stupid Military stopped Ed from going after them >_<
The Music that played over the bit with Ed searching for Al and Izumi talking to Dante was weird but I liked it *lol*

and while we're on the subject of FMA:

Two new icons....though the second Ed was is a tad too big I need to crop it down a little....and I seem to plan on giving people seizures with the first one =p

Yeah that be my rambling for today...*walks off*
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