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Naruto Shippuden

So Naruto Shippuden, ey?

So yeah, I promised myself I'd pick back up onto Naruto when they ended the filler saga that felt like it would never end XD But YAY! they're finally onto the time jump <3 Oh and the next time you guys feel the need to run fillers to let the manga get a bit further, give us the Kakashi backstory instead, that would be nice :D

Anyhoo, I'll probably will be able to comment more when I get the sub, but the beginning was so hella confusing XD; I did read a bit of the manga after the time jump so roughly know what will happen until Gaara is taken by the Akatsuki or whatever (*Talking of the Akatsuki...it's part of their dress code to wear purple nail varnish...isn't it?*) So when SASUKE was in the BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE I kinda got confused |P Guess they didn't want to wait to show him off, but it was fun :D

Seeing some of the characters again was fun, those crack parts they added with some "Keyword" (*For a contest I presume?*) were funny, especially with Time Jump!Naruto and Sakura dealing with their younger selves, really showed you how they had changed though. And YAY! Konohamaru and his buddies <3
Also, Kazekage Gaara is awesome :D Though I have a feeling I won't be able to listen to his voice for a while without picturing Edo Phoenix from GX @_@ Kinda like how I can't hear Temari without picturing Ed Elric XD;

Anyway yeah, nothing much to ramble on, need the sub to ramble more me thinks, will probably wait until the subs come out from now on and hopefully the new series will spark back some interest in the show 8D

Got some pictures I might make icons of later on.

And yes...I have a new "Objection!" icon! :D
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