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A Savers/GX Adventure!

My dad is gonna kill me! :D; I said I'd go into town to get him some salad boxes today but the cold and wind made me stay in bed, I've only JUST gotten up ^^; I'm just gonna have to tell him to buy some salad stuff and I'LL prepare it all, he moans a lot that the cold water hurts his hands. I probably could get it done for before 10pm too, unlike him :/

Oh! I had an awesome dream while I stayed in bed though, which crossed over Savers and GX <3 Well the two characters I remember were Ikuto and Juudai. Anyway, they were in some kind of ice cave, similar to Mercurimon's place and a Digimon stood in their way and wouldn't let them past. Though while the Digimon was distracted, Ikuto snuck past, ran over this very thin ice bridge and to this like...large ice dish thing. He looks into it and sees some water gradually reducing, he reaches out and touches the last drop and it....does something of importance that I can't recall what it was XD Like it expanded again and glowed or something, which was apparently very important.

So, Ikuto runs back, grabs Juudai by the arm and drags him across the thin ice bridge, which collapses behind them as the Digimon starts shooting red lasers at them! But they make it to the other end and Juudai looks into this dish thing and the water is doing the same thing, so he reaches out and touches it....but it doesn't do anything and he looks really sad about it. But why was he sad?

Well, according to my dream, he was looking for his older sister apparently (*Juudai has an older sister? XD*)and touching this water must of supposed to of given him a clue to where she was, but it didn't D:!!

There was other little bits and bobs and I had one or two more dreams afterwards but I can't remember them as well.

It was only a matter of time before I had a Savers/GX dream XD
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