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No need to worry?

Okay, back from a hell of a lot of cleaning and Milo? Well after cleaning out his plastic box really good, drying it off and putting him in it to observe his behaviour he was suddenly just....normal. He was trying his best to get out, being really hyper, running all around, he even took some food from my fingers, but as of yet I haven't really seen him eat anything BUT for him to still have that energy he had to of still been eating X__X; Oh Milo, you're a weird little thing, that's for sure.
He's been chattering a lot so maybe he was just....really pissed off? I dunno, still gonna keep a close eye on him but if he's still perky that's okay, yesterday and this morning he was really dozy, unsually dozy.
All his stuff is now mostly in plastic bags and stuff, to protect them from bugs as much as I can, gonna have to try and find a way to keep that plastic tub off the floor.

At this rate...I'm gonna need a holiday from my holiday X__X;
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