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Togepi's insane ramblings....

YAY! I don't go back to work until Friiiidaaaaaay~!
*stands around* Soooo what should I do with all this spare time? XD
PDU needs a decent update, I need to do and send off some copies of my Digimon Frontier dub episodes to vande from the WTW board (*Aswell as send off stuff to Nad and kel X_x; I'm so damn lazy....but i need to copy the Pokémon Advanced video I'm sending them so I can get some episode guides done....or maybe I'll just do some of the older episodes I managed to tape.

Anyway Pokémon was intresting today, poor May's first Pokémon Contest and she was a nervous wreak...
...Team Rocket spent the whole episode listening to some old guy speak non-stop about poké-blocks *lol* James lasted the longest in staying awake though, he was intent of writing down everything the old dude said XD

As for Yugioh it was a new episode but it was really just a crappy clip show of the events through battle city, hosted by tea and serenity as Tea showed Serenity around all the places certian things took place, then Tea angst about never seeing Yugi ever again....I'm guessing she meant that as in Yami rather than little Yugi cos she frickin' well goes to school with him not like she'd never see him again XD Though this IS the dub we're talking about so who knows XD
But why did the clip of Noa remind me so much of Evangelion O_o; I hadn't seen that episode of the Noa Ark so that clip was new to me...

BEWARE the glowing Noa of DOOOOM!

For some odd reason I just liked this shot XD

So the big question is, next week will the start the DOOM saga or start repeats? Will Yugioh play at all? Who knows....
I have a feeling the DOOM saga won't start especially if it's not staring in America for like another few months, but we'll see...

DAMN YOU mIRC! I waited in a Queue for Pokémon AG episode 77 then you decide to stop by download after I only have 3MB!!! GAH! Stupid thing....and now all the "Download" slots are full....typical....maybe I'll get Shin Okatu's subbed version of Naruto... or should I wait for Anbu's...decisions decisions...
That episode of naruto was cool anyway....Sasuke got his butt kicked XD
Can't wait for FMA episode 33, should be subbed by tomorrow X3 YAYNESS!

Yeah i'm being random now XD
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