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New Youtube Account for Original Stuffs


This is the Youtube account I will be using for my original stuff from now on (*Parodies and AMVs ect. stay on my other account*) So feel free to friend/subscribe if you wanna see my general crap videos like videos of my Hamster and such XD If I go anywhere this year they'll be videos of that too, the priory church in Worksop is something I'm planning a video of sometime this week, all depends on weather I think, obviosuly not going out and about with a camera when it's raining XD

Also...Piyomon <333

Gwah, dad said dinner would be finished for 7pm, it's just before that and I don't even smell anything cooking, he's been messing about with the pots for the last HOUR and they take over an hour to wash ><; BLAH!
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