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Digimon Savers Rambling

Finally getting around to capping and saving some Digimon Savers episodes, I've done episode 37, 40 and working on 41 right now and I must say...Little Masaru is so damn CUTE!
I loved that scene in Masaru's flashback where he's playing ball with his dad on the street~ <3 Hopefully I'll get epsiode 42 done as well, would be nice to kinda get back on track with these....even though I've skipped a ton of episodes ^^; I want Savers to be the first Digimon series I fully screencap though, so best get working on it! :D
Piyomon comes back in this week's episode ;~~; Apparently Chika gets to meet him again but he can't remember who she is, gwah, they really should become partners cos they looked so cute together!

Can't believe Savers is quite close to being over, I've enjoyed it so much and it has such lovely characters <3 Definintly ranks high in my list of favourite seasons~
Yes, very random Savers nostalgia post this has turned into XD

Can't wait to see Pokémon D/P episode 19! Pachirisu~~~ It looks like so much fun! It's one of those episodes that's animated with really awesome crazy expressions on the characters faces <33

Fangirling of Pokemon and Digimon aside, it snowed today but not really all that much :/ I took a walk to town in it, that was fun :D While in town I bought a bunch of stuff for my Hamster, mostly cos I didn't get him a Christmas present XD He's got a new log toy thing to play with and some treats and suff~

Oh well, best get back to taking screenshots! :D;
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