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Just my Tiredness Rambling :p

Gwah, my head hurts and I feel crappy and really tired :/ Plus work just phoned up asking for overtime |P Blah, well I told them I'd work Saturday for them but that is IT there is no way your awkward silences over the phone will make me work on MY HOLIDAY |P Che, seriously I told them I was on holiday next week and the lady replies "Are you doing anything" and after explaining "No, but it's my holiday, my last holiday on this current years holiday sheet" (*Our holidays kinda go from mid-march one year to mid-march the next*) and all I got was the most awkward silence EVER, blah, I don't have to be DOING something to enjoy a damn week off! I AM planning stuff that week any, I need to clean my room, I want to do some videos, I want to waste money on Pokémon stuff!!
Eh, I think I'm just cranky from feeling blah and not getting enough sleep these past week, I really shouldn't stay up until 2-3am when I need to get up 5 hours later...so the first thing I'm gonna do is stay in bed tomorrow! :D

You know, I keep thinking of stuff to write here then forgetting what it was |D Hahaha~ So yeah, some end of next week or the beginning of the week after I'm gonna nip to Meadowhall again to stock myself up on some Pokémon cards, specifically Power Keepers, the new set that's gonna be released in a weeks time, gonna go through Pokébeach's card list and see what other sets I don't have as many cards from. Need to finish my card list before I go though =p An yes....must get more trading figures!!

Blah, also, ever since Sunday one part of my gum between two of my teeth has been all irritated and a little swollen, I really hope that goes away on it's own :/ I guess I just got something caught in it or something D|

Blah, that's enough rambling, I've been writing this entry on and off for hours! XD
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