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Trading Figures~

I have updated my Pokémon Trading Figure Photos with the new ones I got on Wednesday, I actually managed to find a pack in GameStation in town today, but apparently they had only ever been sent two packs and the one I'd picked up was the last one, didn't get anything new in it either, but I'm sure I could trade the Misty and the Eevee? :D; I really wanna try and get as many of these figures as I can, right now I have about half the collection from "Next Quest" (*Just over 20 figures I think and there's about 40 in the collection*) Too bad no where in town really sells them, if they hadn't of closed down Toymaster I'm sure they would of sold them :/ Well...maybe XD Looks like I'll just have to relay on Meadowhall for now. Well, the next Pokémon trading card set, Power Keepers, should be coming out over here mid-Feb, so maybe I'll go again late Feb - early March 8D

Ah well, I think I'll get some more work done on my card art scan collection today 8D
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