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Oh wow! XD

Oh wow! XD I won the Bulbagarden Winter Art Contest, I wasn't expecting to win the first prize but....wow! XD This means I'm able to get anything from PokémonCenter.com up to $15. It was hard to choose because they've updated with new Poké Dolls since I last looked, but I stuck to the original thing I had my eye on, which is the Wooper Poké Doll, cos I couldn't resist it's cute little smile~ I also chose an Espeon figure which I'm gonna nickname "Ruby" :D
I also get a custom made Pokémon art from one of the judges of my choice, so I chose Kasumi.

It's rare I win things so I'm a bit giddy right now, though I really should get ready for work 8D
Tags: Poké Doll, Pokémon, PokémonCenter.com, art contest, bulbagarden, espeon, figure, wooper
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