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Whooo! Went to Meadowhall today! And had a real great time, I probably bought more today from there than the last three years |D I got most of the stuff I had noted down on my list too!
Anyway I managed to get the Phoenix Wright game, wow, it really makes you think about stuff, finished the first case so far though, on the Turnabout Sisters case now, but had to stop when my DS was telling me "Hey, my battery is low damnit!" XD Between that, Digimon World DS and Pokémon ranger, which MetalRhynomon got for me, that DS of mine will be busy 8D
Oh~ I found some places in Meadowhall that sell the Pokémon Trading Figures!! WHSmiths do, at the bit where you queue up, along where all the trading cards are and one of the Game stores also sell them (*they're £8.99 at WHSmiths and...£9.99 at the Game store*) Funny enough, my mum picked one out of the 5 I got, she picked one with Pikachu on it because "Pikachu is lucky" and you know what? I got the Brock figure I've been wanting in that one |D I...kinda broke my Sentret figure though, they're a bit easily breakable, all I did was nudge it and it broke off in my hand....gotta get some super glue from work Friday and fix it.

I was hoping to top up my mangas a bit, but the only ones I found that I needed was Volumes 4 and 5 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, DVD wise I got Vol. 4 of FMA and the second Naruto Unleashed DVD. Got a new tablet from Argos, I've yet to install it, but looks very awesome ^^ I got about 10 capsule dangles and I still didn't get Jirachi ;~~~; Got Celebi though :D YAY! Also got some Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyberdark Impact boosters, I got 5 and only got one of the Dorkaiser's monsters in the last one XD Cyber Dark Edge or as I like to call it, his Shadow Yanma~
Also I got a pillow from the Disney store that has Simba on it <3 Most of that stuff I bought with my Christmas money too, so didn't really make any dent in my bank account XD

So yes a very satisfying day ^^

Looked at the pics for episode 120 of Yu-Gi-Oh GX as soon as I got home, the sand world looks freakin awesome~ *Points to post icon* Couldn't resist making that one |D Parody wise, I think I might make a quick recap of the last lot of episodes so I can get to the sand world quicker X3

Need to go into town tomorrow and post off Nick's parcel of the Pokémon danglers I promised him, he can have a Mew as well now I have about 4 of them XD I'll have a wonder around town too, might buy the Hamster something XD
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