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Talkin' about the Weather~

Brrrr, it's so COLD! Though can't complain, it's actually feeling like Winter a bit more now and not some mess of wind and rain. Apparently some places are getting snow, I think I heard on the radio that York did? Apparently, so my dad says, that most places will get snow this week, the clouds outside that are coming over certainly look like snow clouds, but best I've seen is light sleet-like stuff when I got up :/ Heh, everywhere will probably get snow but us, but IF we do get some good snow I'll definitely take my camera out to take photos and even make some videos, who knows! I really hope we get enough snow for sculpting too, I haven't made a good snow sculpture since the Snow Mew I made a few years ago.
But yeah, like I said, doubt we'll get much, if any D: God damn global warming...

Part of me wants to sit on a till today near a window so I can watch it if it snows 8D Unfortunately the ones near the cafe are the basket tills, which I was on again yesterday ;~~; It was super busy yesterday, one of my colleagues kept joking that she thought Tesco's was closed cos we were so super busy, it was pretty much non-stop.
But yeah, sometimes they're worth sitting on to watch the weather outside when I get a chance, I remember once when it had been raining, I was just finishing up with one customer and then the next minute I was all "OMG! Look! A Rainbow!!" to them cos there was a Rainbow outside 8D I have the worst attention span EVER!
It was cool that I was on those tills when that huge storm hit last year that flooded parts of Worksop, just watching it was amazing, I could barely see outside, all I could see was a tree waving around in the wind. Then our tills went down and took forever to come back up, peh, any kind of storm or wind and they go down XP

Okay well, best get something to eat 8D
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