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Continuing the Digital Adventure

Current Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer

Current Team:
Sunflowmon (*Apple*)
Peckmon (*Amon*)
Ikkakumon (*Johan*)
Guilmon (*Juudai*)
Angemon (*Flutter*)
Seadramon (*Max*)

Gwah, this game is too much fun! XD I was up until 5AM again last night playing on it. You should of seen me last night when I was running into wild Terriermon's and wild Renamon's, I don't think I've "squeeed" so much in my life 8D And earlier today I ran into a wild Lopmon! LOPMON! Anyone who knows me knows that Lopmon is one of my favourite Digimon <3 Unfortunately I only ran into it once in the Steamy Jungle so not enough data to convert, but I'm up to the part where I've been given a troublesome Pagumon to train and I think I read on Wikipedia that Pagumon can Digivolve to Lopmon, but first I'm on a quest to get another Star Piece for a Tamer named Ellie cos...my Pagumon ate it XD; The swamp is hard to navigate though so I'm kinda just wandering around aimlessly trying to find a ShougunGeckomon |D

On non-Digimon World DS related news, I'm making some good progress on my screenshot site, uploaded screenshots from all current episodes of Pokémon D/P, now just trying to finish off my card art archive :3 That's gonna take a while, I have a ton of card art scans and I need to make thumbnails for each one.
Tags: Pokémon D/P, angemon, digimon world ds, guilmon, ikkakumon, lopmon, pagumon, peckmon, renamon, screenshots, seadramon, shougungeckomon, sunflowmon, terriermon
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