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The Adventure Continues!

Note to self: Digimon World DS is fun, but try not to play it until almost half four in the morning.

Kinda got a headache right now, the type I get when I stay up too late 8D Ah well Digimon World DS is a lot of fun! I've been building my team up. Played on it a bit this afternoon after I managed to stay awake longer than 5 minutes XD I now have a Tokomon named "Amon" who I'm trying to raise to a Falcomon, The Tanemon I started with is now a Raramon I named "Apple", my Poyomon "Johan" is now a Gomamon and I currently have Patamon "Flutter" and Betamon "Max" in my Digi-Farm and they're giving me all my quest requests at the moment. I've completed the requests for getting Touma's autograph, returning Masaru's Digivice and going to an Etemon concert |D

Hummm, might just go and draw something, probably would help the headache if I wasn't in front of a computer screen right now XD;
Tags: betamon, digimon world ds, digivice, etemon, gomamon, masaru, nintendo ds, patamon, poyomon, quests, raramon, tanemon, tokomon, touma
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