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Try, try again? :o

So Play-Asia hadn't e-mailed back, although I noticed last night that my status on the site had changed from "Preparing Order" (*Which has been like that since the 29th of November*) to "Hold" and since Vande has kindly gotten me the game and has sent it off, I e-mailed Play-Asia again to tell them I've been offered the game elsewhere and do not wish to wait for it to come in stock, asked about the refund again and had to push the "disappointment factor" a little in the hopes they'll listen to me :/ I asked them to reply back to confirm whether they can cancel the exchange and/or give me a refund :p

Anyway, other than that, today was okay...well...lately I've been in one of those moods where I can't go through a day without doing something stupid, blah XP Gonna get my hair cut tomorrow FINALLY! XD I also need to send Vande's cheque off for the game and Nick's parcel tomorrow as well. I hope the weather is gonna be better than it was today X__X;
Tags: digimon world ds, e-mail, hair cut, play-asia, snail mail
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