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Heading for a Change

Well, I've tried and tried but Digimon Savers really didn't improve my interest in PDU, it appears it's the site itself that I've just lost interest in running. besides I'm kinda not caring much for running a general information site, but my interest has been more in scans and screenshots over the least year or so and I really am sick of paying for the hosting, then barely using it...it's about time I actually USED the space for something...so...my scans and screenshots will be what I use it for.
I'm thinking I'll announce it's closure soon, and maybe close it at the beginning of February, I've already started on some ideas for the screenshots site, already working and uploading some pages ^^ It's gonna be mainly a Pokemon screenshot site, may have other things but it'll also be connected to my Type-Wild screenshot journal.

I do feel bad cos even up until now there's been a large effort put into the site and I feel really bad for needing to throw it all away to start something new, but I feel there's no way I have enough interest in the site to continue updating it, I'd rather turn it into something I WILL update. The site will have a new name but will keep the old address, the new name that I've settled on is "Capture On!" which is a kind of joke between screen captures and the phrase a Pokémon Ranger uses |D

Anyway, PDU, in the last year, has shown me that it's not as popular as it once was, I've only gotten a handful of e-mails from people who still visit the site and I think we've had about one or two fanfic entries since the beginning of last year :/ I don't think anyone would want to continue on something when it feels like barely anyone is watching as such. A screenshot site will most likely become quite popular and I wanna share my pictures.
And you lucky people who read my journal get to see a few sneak peak pages! :D

http://www.pdunited.co.uk/cardart/cardart.htm - This is where the Pokemon card art is going
http://www.pdunited.co.uk/dp/index_dp.htm - Pokemon D/P screenshots (Episodes 1-10)
http://www.pdunited.co.uk/dp/index_dp2.htm - Pokémon D/P Screenshots (Episodes 11-20)

Episode screenshots will have somewhere between 40-60 shots chosen from my collection. I unfortunately can't upload all the screenshots I take for an episode, so I just upload the ones I think are the best. The full collections of screenshots will still be uploaded to Type-Wild.
The Message board and oekakis will stay where they are and hopefully changing the site aim will give both oekakis and message board a much needed boost ^^;

Feel free to post any feedback in my comments section, whether you yay or nay my decision, but in the end, I'd rather work on a site I want to work on than one I don't :/
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