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Duel Box 7 Scans are coming!

Duel Box 7 scans will be coming either Thursday or Friday :D Gonna go and pick it up Thursday hopefully~ Actually, according to the letter Parcelforce sent, I can pay the charge online on their website Oo; Is that a new option? Don't remember that before. Ah well, I would do that but that means they'd deliver it and this week is my "bad week" so I'd rather pick it up than have them deliver it while I'm not here.

Also, a few days ago I looked up all the Yu-Gi-Oh sound duels on CDJapan and noticed that for DM sound duels 3 and 4 and Sound duel 1 for GX were always released early in the year, on the 25th of the month and were released in 2004, 2005 and 2006. So by this I'm personally assuming we'll get sound duel 2 for GX on the 25th of Feb-April, right now I think it has more chance of being a release maybe in March than in February, guess we'll see if my guess is right, ey? XD I personally think the album will cover music from the Seven Stars/Society of Light arcs and the new music from season 3 will be released next year.
So yeah, just a guess, but I personally think we'll see it have a March/April release, possibly March. Or they could just totally screw us over XD That's always a possibility.
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