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Greetings from 2007!!

So I'm sat here listening to the fireworks outside seeing in the new year with Sausage Rolls and the Internet |D I was watching the fireworks out of the spare room window just now and was enjoying the pretty sparkles, but I've already seen my first sign of human idiocy of the new year...
...some guy was walking his dogs past my house WHILE THE FIREWORKS WERE GOING OFF...doesn't take a genius to know they should of been at home, the poor things were whining, they didn't like it.

That aside, Happy New Year to you all, 2006 was an interesting year for me, it was the year I got my current Hamster, the year I went to my first Anime Convention after YEARS of putting it off due to lacking confidence to go (*And really REALLY enjoyed it :D*) Went to my first Pokémon event too and met a lot of online peeps in REAL LIFE~! <3 Ah lots more stuff too that I just can't remember XD

For 2007? I just aim to get through it like 2006 and do more confidence building as I go along, aiming to hopefully go to Amecon '07 in Leicester and definitely will be going to Fuyucon in Nottingham in October! Although I won't be staying around for late night events for Fuyucon, just travelling there and back on the train each day...while it's not dark |D

New year's resolutions? Was gonna make some but...nah, I'd just break them XD
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