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Notice about Youtube and the Parodies

To everyone who has a Youtube account and watches my parodies, please make sure that you have also added me as a friend! If you add me as a friend you'll be able to see my parodies when I set them to private, making them private makes it so no one but those on my friends list can see them, they don't show up in searches or anything thus no one can report them >3 So I still CAN upload them to Youtube if I do it this way. I'll also link to each one on the GJ which will be there for those who don't have Youtube accounts ^^
I will most likely private them all gradually throughout the next week or so.

I...also have a MySpace now XD; I said I wasn't gonna get one, but there's a few people on there who's blogs I watch and want to comment on so I needed an account to comment on stuff ;p Feel free to add me as a friend though: http://www.myspace.com/pdutogepi it has a cute D/P starter + Pikachu background :D

Oh and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCajjYrM0YA <--- Video of my Pokémon Collection!

Need to go to bed |D
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