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Doctor Who Soundtrack

Just need to say...Doctor Who Soundtrack is awesome! :D Just got it this morning~~~~

Duel Box 7 is...stuck at customs ^^; And has been for the past few days, understandable for the time of year, so guess we'll be waiting for that for a while, I really needed it to come this week though while my dad was off, ah well X__X;

Gwah, my dad talks a lot, we got our thing for the wireless internet today and he's been talking my EAR off about it. He wants to set it all up on my computer since mine is the only computer in the house with an Ethernet connection, so gonna have to let him have my computer later >>;

You know...a customer yesterday came to my till with the complete 2nd series of Doctor Who in a boxset....listening to this music I REALLY wanna go buy it XD; Might as well find the first series too, since I only saw the first few episodes of that.
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