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The silent phone calls of DOOOOM!!

Whoever keeps ringing my homephone, not speaking then hanging up is getting really annoying! It's happened 4 times in the last TWO days (*Two yesterday and two today*) though there's no pattern to the calls, it's kinda creepy X_x; The caller always with-holds their number too....or the service don't "Have the number to call them back".
These calls have been happening for quite some time now, it's weird...
I don't think it's anything suspicious...maybe it's one of those companies that sells things but their call doesn't get through right or maybe some lonely old person thinks it's fun to call the same number over and over again...
...next time it happens I'm gonna ask who the hell it is before they hang up...they wait a little while before they do... doubt whoever it is will respond though...

In other news I want to write another anime crossover fanfic X_x; Mostly focusing on Edward Elric from FMA and Yugi, I want to use my older Yugi in a fanfic you see cos I have some good ideas for him XD
Gonna be hard writing a fanfic where the main characters consist of Edward the Alchemist, Yugi and his multipule personality and a kuriboh that follows them around XD...
...Yami is gonna be the hardest to fit in cos I'm gonna be focusing more on yugi than Yami... currently the only ideas I have with Yami is him being the annoying thing in yugi's way, cos Yugi is slightly more independent when older and gets a bit mouthy too XD YAY Yugi OCC-ness!
But what do you expect from someone who has hung around with ed elric for 4 years...
Er...yeah, I'll write up the genreal outline of the story and post it here maybe tomorrow so you know what I'm yapping on about XD
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