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Nowhere to Go?

So, I was just going to upload my newest parody to Youtube when I noticed on the upload page they had added a big ass notice on it about not uploading TV Shows, concerts, music videos ect. which I'm not sure if it was there before, if so I hadn't noticed that part before, also they have a page for helping people to understand what's copyrighted and what's not, it's like they're trying to be less obscure now and are actually just spelling it out in black and white that this is not what they allow so that people can't ignore it anymore so...I don't think I'll be uploading anymore parodies there which sucks -___-;
So question is, where do they go next....?

*Crickets chirp*

Yeah :x Of course no where is gonna allow videos like mine, photobucket is a good option, but without a pro account I can only upload videos 5 minutes long or under. Relaying on hosting them on other people's webspace just seems wrong in my eyes, especially since I'm sure NO website would allow such things being uploaded and I wouldn't want anyone to lose their hosting or get into trouble because of me and if there was webspace out there that allowed it, I wouldn't pay for it, not for some silly little videos.
I just needed a place to let them be accessible to the people who like them, so I can avoid having to upload them all the time for the ones who want them, that's why I got the Youtube account in the first place!

I should just go back to uploading them to sendspace and just post them here when they're new...or maybe at my GJ, maybe I'll edit together a bunch of my older videos so people can get them all at once? Not sure :x

This needs....planning...yey?

This....just seems like a lot of messing around just for some silly videos.
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