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Doctor Who BGM Album FTW!


I just found out that the BGM album from Doctor Who is so totally out now! My god they ninja'd that out, huh? :o I only found out when my parents said they'd watched this performance of the music on TV (*WHY DID THEY NOT SHOUT ME!? D:*) and said that it had been said the music is downloadable somewhere for just today but couldn't remember where, can't find it on the BBC site, so I was looking through the advent calendar on the site and one of them had some BGM not on the album and a qoute from the composer, Murray Gold, that it was "Not on the new album" and I was all "WTF NEW ALBUM!?" so checked amazon.co.uk and it was so totally there so I ordered it YAY! ^o^

K, gotta wrap some presents now that I have neglected to wrap :o

Like my Jackie and Manaphy icon? :D
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