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Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea - Manaphy

So, I just finished watching the 9th Pokémon movie!!

The movie itself doesn't live up to last years movie (*Movie 8 pwns ALL*) but the 9th movie was still very enjoyable and so very very sweet. The relationship between May and Manaphy was adorable, with Manaphy even picking up works that May said and began to call her "kamo". It's such a sweet little thing. Jackie Walker was an awesome character too, he seemed quite a cocky character when facing Phantom but you could tell he took his job as a Pokémon Ranger oh so seriously the rest of the time, always keeping scout and being concerned over how close manaphy was growing to May. He even had a small back story inserted into the movie. Ash seems to ask why he chose to become a Pokémon ranger and it appears it was because as a child he was once stuck in a snowstorm, he managed to get into a cave for shelter and found it inhabited by loads of wild Pokémon who helped keep him warm. I loved how incredibly agile Jackie was too and how when dealing with Phantom he was all over the place~

The scene where Ash and May get stuck in Akusha and Ash decides to play hero, puts May, Manaphy and Pikachu into a container thing that had belonged to Phantom to keep them safe from the rising water, then bravely went to try and put back the last of the crystal things, he once again cheated death, ah good old Ash.
He then turned Super Saiyan...
...well...it really looked like he did, it was amusing XD

Overall I really enjoyed this movie :D Can't wait to see the dub of it!

Well, Christmas is almost upon us :o!! Hope you all have a great time~
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