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The Last Three Days :o

Two more 8 hour shifts and a 6 hour shift to go :p Eh, not been too bad these past few days at work actually. We've had a lot of people like scouts and stuff to help pack like we do every year, so they've been a real big help, the customers have been a lot nicer too thus I've been in a better mood, eh I think I was probably PMS-ing over Monday and Tuesday anyway XD
But yeah....from now until Sunday it's gonna be mad >> <<; We're closed for TWO DAYS you're not gonna run out of food people!! Gah, those two days off are gonna be heaven after all this.

Downloaded episode 13 of D/P, halfway through getting episode 14 and looks like pocketmonsters.net will be getting the Manaphy movie up soon, awesome! :D Maybe I can spend my Christmas Eve drawing a picture inspired by the movie like I did last year for the Lucario movie XD

Well...wish me luck!! XD
Tags: Pokémon, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, christmas, movie 9, work
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