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Bad Long Day

So today at work was pretty....blah....one of those bad days where things go wrong. Some woman snapped at me claiming I was "throwing things at her" (*Meaning I was going too fast*) when I don't think I was going any faster than usual and I was helping to pack along the way, che, some people are so hard to please >_< And her way to bring it up was to ask me "Do they teach you customer service!?!" I had to ask her to repeat it cos I couldn't understand the question and when she said it a second time I didn't know how to reply v_v; I said sorry but really I was kinda pissed off, I'm FOREVER apologizing to people who are just high-rate and snotty where something simple would of just solved the problem...asking nicely for me to wait or telling me I was going too fast for them would be good, snapping at me at the end isn't gonna help things, I am TRAINED to go fast but to be honest I don't think I was going as fast as I could go >>; Peh.
Then I broke the printer of the till I was on, it just....died while trying to take a cheque. Then when it came to my break I found the new machine in the back was FINALLY WORKING only to find only half of it was working and the compartment with the sandwiches wasn't working, only the first three were and they really had nothing in it....but then...I couldn't get my money back could I....stupid machine. I eventually found a cheese and Onion Pasty and has to settle for that -____-;
Then later on, two of the staff were hoovering out the tills and managed to blow a fuse for four of the tills, one of which was mine while I was in the middle of serving someone.
Not to mention throughout the whole day I was just in one of my "I don't wanna deal with people" moods, so I wasn't talking much and most things I did say sounded awkward >>;

So yeah....kinda glad to get out of there today.
Lots more long shifts to go...great...well...at least I'm off tomorrow anyway.

EDIT: Remind me, if I EVER order from a site which asks for house number and address seperetly, not to put the house number in BOTH options, gwah, Orange's ordering system is crap and totally not what I'm used too, but my dad wanted me to get him a wireless adapter since we're trying to switch to wireless internet since it's cheaper and my dad, always so worried about money, thinks it would be better.

You know...to make myself feel better I'll just post this |D


Ignore me, been on a Johan kick lately~ I was re-watching episodes 106 and 107 last night, I love that scene where he tried to call out the Rainbow Dragon but then says it's not even in his deck, so cute XD
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