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Creating a Backup

My Indigo League Pokémon boxset came today! YAY! :D I was gonna go to Sheffield with my mum today but we decided to stay in....tis too windy X__X;

Youtube news and it appears yet another one of my videos was blitzed but this time it wasn't 4Kids but the Japanese company which is in charge of Pokémon, it was one of my GX/Pokémon ones that was taken down, I assume because I used the Pokémon XD music in it =p Well I'm gonna have to be careful, I can't put the word "Pokémon" in the title, description or keywords from now on.
Eh, I'm in the process of making a backup of them through uploading the videos to Photobucket and probably making a post in my journal and keep that as the parody post, they should be safer on Photobucket. I currently have three accounts so bandwidth shouldn't be too much of a problem, I can get more accounts if it does.

I've been hit three times now so I don't think my account will last much longer :/ I've tried "censoring" the word Pokémon from the other videos that mention it, but they still some up in searches X__X

While I'm uploading some vids, I might re-do and re-write some of the older ones. I think the only bad thing about Photobucket is that videos have to be 5minutes or under, so my longer videos would have to be split up, though most ARE under 5 minutes which is good, the shorter ones are the better ones anyway XD
I have some good ideas for Professor Satou and Amon for new videos XD Guess we'll see how these go :o
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