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Cons a plenty~

So, TMV just told me that Amecon will be running a con next year :o So I checked their site and indeed it'll run from the 10th-12th of August 2007, I'll have to ask Carly if she's interested in going next year too :3 If not I MAY just get onsite accomodation but only if I'm feeling brave enough, which I doubt...we'll have to see XD But hey, at least I'm okay taking the train the Leicester on my own now, tis easy enough =p Guess that one will be a "We'll see". Fuyucon I'm not bothering staying over, I'll just go there and back each day, means I miss the late night stuff but hey no biggie, I'll still enjoy what's there in the day :3
I've been working out my holidays, both events land on my weekends free, just need to book off the Fridays for both.

I tried doing the video idea earlier, it's gonna be hard to keep it under 10 minutes X__X; Gwah, stupid 10 minute limit ><; Oh well, might have to do the bedroom tour seperatly.
Filming myself is funny, I pull some silly faces XD
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