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May, we Harley Drew'd Ya!

Harley called himself "Mayley" XD I wonder if PUSA came up with that on their own or saw it mentioned on message boards by fans when the Japanese episode aired (*They apparently do watch big message boards :o*) Either way, VERY fun episode :3 Gotta love little Aipom's antics and Solidad is a very awesome character too, it's awesome she not only knows Drew and Brock but Harley too :o She called him her "old buddy". Can't wait to watch the next episode :D

In other news, I got up late again, 11am XD I'm just not a morning person X__X; I probably would of stayed in bed even longer if the phone hadn't woken me up =p Meh, guess I REALLY should start cleaning the living room to show dad I actually did SOMETHING of use XD Meh all it really needs is a dust and a hoover...he'll probably still find something to moan about.
My video idea might have to be put off until Friday or something :/
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