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Planning for Tomorrow? :o

So today I went out to a Christmas Meal with the rest of the Volunteers + Manageress of the Charity Shop. I was quite quiet for the entire thing as usual XD; Meal was nice though :3 And it's fun to go out with people I know and such, I had to miss it last year cos I was working on the day they had it XD; Also need to write out cards for the ones there that I need to, but first need to buy actual cards =p

I've just been moving some stuff back into my bedroom and trying to trim it up a bit more, partly cos I needed to move my stuff back in and partly for a video I wanna make tomorrow (*Well, today, but you know what I mean XP*) which I plan to be a hybrid between a video I was planning anyway and a response video to someone I watch on youtube, a guy who lives in the same town as me, I posted about him here maybe...three months ago? Well, whenever I first found his videos. He posted a video recently asking his subscribers/viewers the question "Who are you?" so basically it's a "telling a bit about yourself video" and well, if anything says something about me, it's my room XD; I thought the people who watch my parodies might like it too, or they'll just be "wtf? wheres the parodiez!?" XD Well, the parodies I have some ideas for but I don't have the time to kinda go through them right now X__X;
I also could use to go into town and buy Milo some food, need to post off some Christmas cards this week, unsure if my friend Shani will be at her address or her mum's address so I might just send it to her address, that way she should hopefully get it whenever XD If she's still at that address XD She's in the Royal Navy so she moves around a lot, the last address I was given was one on land though XD;
And after all this I still need to find time to at least do some housework! My dad wants the house clean for Christmas, the Living Room pretty much is the bit in need of a clean >>;

Eh, best go to bed and get up early or something XD;
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