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Pokémon D/P Episode 11 :o!

Episode 11 is just amazing! I loved it! X3 makes sense that Ash took part in the contest because Aipom wanted to enter and then everyone urged him on to do it. Aipom really seemed to like contests back around the Kanto Grand Festival~ But whether Ash continues entering is yet to be seen. Logic would say no, as it would me double the contest coverage to get Hikari AND Ash to the Grand Festival, but who knows what the show has up their sleeve, but hey, even if Ash doesn't enter anymore after this one, him entering in the first contest was an unexpected treat :3
But Ash, you were the only one out of Hikari, Nozomi and yourself to NOT dress up XP Come on Ash, it would of been fun to see you in a cute little outfit D:

Nozomi is an interesting character, she doesn't seem to have this "higher than j00" attitude like Drew and Harley had, in fact she is REALLY friendly with Hikari, they both seem on equal friendly terms and aren't aggressive rivals in anyway, yet :o Hikari blushes a lot around her too when she mentions "finals".
That....probably won't help the fact that half the fandom seem to want Hikari and Nozomi to be lesbians :/ You know what the Pokémon fandom is like "omg dey be blushin', dey in luv" Yeah... =p But their friendship is very cute ^^
It's mentioned in a summery of the next episode that Ash gets confronted by a "girl" who tells him along the lines that people aiming for Gym Battles shouldn't be in contests :/ There's an Ash VS Nozomi battle in the next ep, so whether she is the girl who tells him that I'm not sure, the only OTHER person is Candy Musa-whatever AKA...Jessie XD
So yeah, right now Nozomi is looking more like Ash's rival than Hikari's right now XD; Funny~
But like I said, unless they pull out some really good idea, I doubt Ash will enter anymore contests after this, guess we'll see :o!
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