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This is my Year? :o

Just doing this while waiting for Pokémon D/P ep 11 to finish downloading. I think i did this last year too :o

Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2006. That's your year in review.

January: Well here we are! ENGLAND HAS REACHED 2006!! W00000t!!! Happy New Year everyone~~~!
February: Ramble for episode 29 (*DONE AND DUSTED*) and boy did I ramble a lot! Well, until I got to the duel XD
March: Wow, so it's March 1st. Seems like only yesterday it was January O_O
April: I just watched Chazz-anova....
...Chazz is pathetic! :D
May: For anyone wanting to see the Mirage Pokémon special, I have encoded it to be a 103MB .wmv file then just split it up into 4 WinRAR files for easy downloading.
June: So the weekend is apparently going to be really nice and stuff! And guess who gets to spend most of it probably in doors because a certain SOMEBODY *Looks at dad* refuses to go ANYWHERE because he's "got too much stuff to do" which by the way is his excuse for everything -_-;;
July: So early this morning, I get off the computer and it's so warm I just flopped onto my bed and fell asleep XD; I woke up several times but just couldn't be bothered to get up and do all my nightly routine things, so I stayed like that until about an hour ago XD Hahahaha~!
August: Wheeee~~! Managed to get my train tickets for Amecon :D Held up people wanting to get tickets for the Meadowhall train that was just about to arrive, but I wasn't as long as this one woman who seemed to be travelling backwards and forwards all over the place and all together hers cost over £118 :o Mine only cost £22 something so....YAY!
September: Guess what? ZOMG! IT'S ICON TIME! :D
Ya know, I haven't really done an icon dump since...forever XD There are only really recent ones made within the last few days and such:
October: It's past midnight and I'm only JUST getting something to eat thanks to my emo dad who takes forever preparing a meal. I went down to see why it was taking so long and all he did was get pissed off and told me to stop "Trying to analyze him" which I don't even know what he MEANS by that ¬¬;
November: Blah, so yeah, I have a cold and I feel like crap @_@ Which probably comes less than a week after I declared to myself I was gonna try and be careful not to catch colds, I've already had two days off work this year with colds >o
December: Have no idea what this is, but saw it on several entries on my f-list and was all "Hey, looks cool |D"

Man...I'm not very exciting, am I? XD

Time to go cap D/P Ep 11 :D
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