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Christmas and Cards

Urg, I feel kinda crappy this morning, it's either the result of cleaning my room and the dust or I've got another cold ><; Buuut~ I did manage to get started on putting up my Christmas tree in my room and I decorated it with a bunch of Pokémon danglers and figures :D Just need something for the top of the tree, might draw a Jirachi and print it out :3

Also major thanks to tortoises :D I got the cards this morning! There's loads in there that I didn't have~~ X3 I love the POP ones, they're so adorable, I squeed at the Bulbasaur one and the Pichu Bros~ So much pretty new art to add to my collection X3 Which reminds me, must carry on with my Pokédex, i'm trying to get all the starter Pokémon's entries done, so far I've done Mudkip and it's evos, Chikorita and it's evos, Torchic and it's evos and Charmader and it's evos :3
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