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The wind and the rain

Oh boy, my dad is just a pit of happiness today. Turns out our fridge has randomly decided to stop working, or at least the things in it didn't seem THAT cold. then my dad pissed about with it and claimed it "isn't working at all" now so switched it off as it could be a "fire hazard"...right dad....right...so I asked him what we're gonna do with all the stuff in there and he was all "There's nothing in there that will spoil" Erm dad, I had yogurts in there, then there's the fruits juice we got, milk? Cheese? There's a damn lot in there that can spoil, unfortunately the only thing salvageable was an unopened bottle carton of fruit juice, had to throw the yogurts away, there weren't cold at all, blame my supermarket instinct for that one, if things like that are warm and not cold we throw them away, ain't risking getting sick...it's a shame, I like those yogurts ><;

So we headed out to Meadowhall, I needed to find something for my friend for Christmas, my dad, of course, was on edge and hurrying me up...blah, managed to get her two nice dragon statue like things, very pretty. Then I went over to the pound machines and saw they had the new set of Pokémon danglers, all legendary Pokémon. I wasted £7 on that cos I really wanted a Jirachi, did I get one? No. Though I did get two Mewtwos, two Deoxys', two Lugias and a Mew, gonna hang them on my Christmas tree when I get it up :3 I really wanted some Jirachi's since they fit the Christmas theme better, but ah well. We used to have one of those pound machines in the Wilkinsons store in town, but it's been missing for like a month :/ Whether they've just gotten rid of it or moved it elsewhere I'm not sure. I should check on Tuesday or something.

So next was PC world and my dad got pissed cos he wanted the new Norton Anti-virus and all of them only work on Windows XP, he has 2000. After that he was so pissed he just plain refused to go into Toys R Us with me, so I went on my own. No Pokémon stuff yet again (Besides an LCD Pokéball), so I bought some more Dragon Frontier boosters to break up my £10 note in the hopes that the pound machines in there would have the danglers, but they didn't D:

And now I'm home, I'm staved and it's cold. I'm also tired cos the wind and the rain kept me up all night ~_~;
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