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New Plot, Odd Lot!

So didn't bother going into town, it was windy and cold and cloudy and I just couldn't be bothered XD We have a post office just a few minutes walk from my house anyway, so I used that one, I just prefer to use the one in town. So the cards for tortoises have been sent off :D I also got another salad sandwich while I was down there, they're nice XDD Got two for my dad as well since he wnated me to fetch a salad box while in town, obviously since I didn't go I just got him the sandwiches, that, and he complain yesterday when I got one that I didn't get HIM one...how am I supposed to know if you wanted one or not when you're at WORK, dad. ¬¬;

Hahaha! I just watched "New Plot, Odd Lot!", oh Harley, you amuse me XD

HARLEY: (*When Ariados web catches on fire*) MY PRETTY WEBS ARE FLAMING!
JAMES: What's that got to do with this!?

And then when Ariados catches on fire itself James was all "You don't want to be flaming too!!" as he was trying to put it out XD

The episode was just full of awesome lines XD

EDIT: Oh yes, my Pokémon D/P OP/ED single is delayed at the moment, they're out of stock XD Guess I should of pre-ordered it earlier, ey? XD But hopefully they'll get some more in soon :3 Play-Asia appear to be preparing my Digimon World DS order which is awesome let's hope for the right game this time :D, still waiting for my first Master Quest box set to arrive and it seems that United publications has gotten the first Indigo League box set in and are preapering that, just need to wait for them to get in Advanced battle DVDs 3 and 4 in that i ordered with the 1st season box set :3
Yes, I have indeed been ordering a lot recently, ey? XD

Think I might carry on some work with the PDU Pokédex for the rest of today, too cold and feel too crapish to do bedroom cleaning >> <<;
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