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Busy, Busy

Awesome! Play-Asia have recieved the item I sent back and have old me they're sending the correct item, the estimated shipping date is the 13th of December XD So I guess I'll get it just in time for Christmas XD;

Gah, so much to do, such little time, doesn't help I was up until 5am this morning but eh...anyway, i managed to post off the cheque for UPS' custom fee that they needed, while down there I picked up a cheese salad sandwich from Cooplands X3 Nice!

Now I just need to empty the dishwasher and somehow clean my room >>; Gah! This stack of storage drawers I have will just HAVE to go back in the spare room since dad isn't doing ANYTHING with that room YET v_v; Then tomorrow it's back off downtown to send off the Pokémon trainer/energy cards I'm trading to tortoises, maybe while I'm down there I'll take those photos of the Priory Chruch/Gatehouse that I've been wanting to do for ages.
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