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A Tale of Christmas, Yobs and Cranky Old Men

So today I went to the Worksop Christmas Light Switch on, I got to see....a guy dressed up as Spongebob Squarepants...
...yeah :o
Well, the atmosphere was...crowded but fun XD The best part was when we were all stood in the middle of the road as spongebob was travelling along on his little van (*The road was cornered off for this obviously*) then all of a sudden we hear sirens and a freaking POLICE VAN bombs it around the corner, I seriously thought it was gonna run into us =p I got part of it on video XD Too bad it freaked me out and I stopped recording the rest, ah well. Seems they were in a hurry to catch some idiot in a shoe store =p

Talking of cops, they're still watching that house, thing is, the guy who died? Actually wasn't from Worksop at ALL, he was some guy from Nottingham, so he definitely didn't live there, so WTF is up with that house I don't know. The Guardian's site (*That I linked too in my previous entry*) is reporting that the guy was part of a racist group Oo;
Well....that would explain some things >>; Blah.

In other news, the day at the charity shop was fine....until the end, when a cranky old man came into the store last thing to put something away. He was talking to the manageress all light-heartedly and just happened to say something, that seemed like a joke on his behalf, it was just the way he said it which was a little amusing, like I said, it was like a light-hearted joke. I was standing looking at the Christmas cards and just happened to let out a little snigger at it, most people wouldn't of heard it or wouldn't be bothered about it, but I think this old guy was obviously looking for the chance to snap at someone.
He came up to me and asked all seriously "What are you laughing at?" I stood there totally in silence as I couldn't tell whether he was joking or not, you know how old people are sometimes XD But he came more and more obvious he wasn't joking, then came his next sentence.
"It's not my fault I'm like this, I don't like it when people laugh at disabled people >/" (*Well, it was along those lines*)

Okay so....this old man thought that I was laughing at him cos he was walking on a crutch...the conversation between him and the manageress wasn't about that, I wasn't even looking at him when I laughed, I made NO indication I was laughing at him because of his "disability"
So question remains...where in the HELL did he get that idea from!? It's obvious he just said that cos it's what he automatically thought and OMG must be true if he thought it!!
I hate it when people jump to conclusions and ASSUME things when they have nothing at ALL to base that assumption on. I told him directly to his face it's not what I was laughing at, but he obviously didn't believe me, he was still mumbling about it when he was leaving the shop >>;
GAH!!! ><;

Another thing to moan about are the thugs around this town, in the space of a few weeks, not only has my youngest cousin gotten beat up as he walked home from being at his girlfriends house, my brother and his friends (*Also my friend's brother*) got hassled by a group of 20 odd 15 year old yobs just the other night. Luckily they left my brother fairly along, just rammed a bike into him, but they hit his friend a good number of times and he ended up with a busted lip and some bumps on his head >>; Both attacks were totally unprovoked, just makes me wonder what the HELL this world is coming too and is the soul reason I don't go out at night...hell...I'm scared to go out in the daytime these days v_v;

Anyway, that said I need to get a bunch of stuff done this week, like cleaning my room, that REALLY needs to be done and it needs to STAY clean so I can put up Christmas decorations in a few weeks time.

I'll carry on encoding these videos from the Christmas Light Switch on, then figure out what I was to keep for an edit to put up on Youtube :D

Oh and I got some of those Pokémon dog tags today XD All together I got Totodile, Roselia, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Latias and Lapras. I'm tempted to get some more if I got into town tomorrow :o I'm currently wearing the Totodile and Roselia around my neck :D The Carvanha and Sharpedo are on my bag :3
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