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Interesting day

So today we had someone try and steal from the store...AGAIN! Someone pulled the panic alarm and they called a code 9 over the tannoy and loads of the staff went running out of the doors, but get this, apparnetly the guy, who stole something of the wines/spirits aisle, was actually a well off guy who works in Meadowhall who drives a really good car, they are guessing he just did it for the buzz of it Oo;
He must of lead a very boring life to do that X__X;

And talking of things on the wrong side of the law, there has been a LOT of police activity around the car garages we have. They seem to be focusing on a certian house too, they were there this morning and still there when I came home from work...that doesn't bode well, if it was a simple robbery at one of the garages they would of been gone by the time I came home and I'm sure I saw two cops/detectives searching in some bins >>; If something big went off then it'll be reported in the Guardian this Friday most likely.
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