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Wrapped up in Cotton Wool

You know what, the world is getting a tad over-protective, is it not?

Today I had to stop a 17-year-old lad from buying a small can of deodorant, this is because it's classed as a solvent and it can't be sold at our store to anyone under 18...well...I was able to buy the stuff when I was 16/17 >>; I was also able to buy party poppers when I was 14/15 yet those can't be sold at our store to people under 16.
The lady waiting in line behind this poor lad is right, it's silly. I know some stupid people do stupid things with stuff like this, but really, should people like this lad suffer? I mean some 17-year-olds live on their own, they can't exactly rely on their parents to buy stuff like that for them.

It's just...I dunno...it seems like everything is being wrapped up in cotton wool with all this age restriction and healthy eating and super-nannies and such :/ It's like you can't move without hitting something like this.

Blah, I'm just ranting. When I first started at that store I was amazed by how many items had age restrictions on them, stuff I had never even known HAD age restrictions. The 34-year-old lady behind this lad didn't know there was a restriction on deodorant, the poor lad didn't know and I didn't know until I started there AND I sometimes tend to forget cos it's such an everyday thing, but I HAVE to force myself to remember these, cos trading standards do tests on our stores and if I make the sale to someone underage it's bye bye job and hello hefty fine!

I felt so silly telling him it was age restricted >>;
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