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GX Episode 111

Episode 111 of GX was awesome :D AMON LIKES CLOUDS!!
And you know, someone on the Janime forums brought up a good point about Martin, the mysterious Ra Yellow kid, thinking he may have something to do with Napoleon, relative maybe? It does seem a bit weird Napoleon ninja'd off to the Ra Yellow dorms, at first I thought he was following Cobra but he wasn't, he went to the Ra Yellow dorms and watched Rei and Martin and Martin DOES have some very Napoleon things about him, his eyes and his clothes for instance, though most people thought he looked more like Chronos, possibly due to hairstyle.
...he looks like both Napoleon AND Chronos...
...okay...that's a thought I didn't want to have X___X; *Brain broken*

Aaaanyway....the bling duel disk was shiny :D

Amon backstory next week, YAY! :D
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