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More learning league fun!

Yeah, I've been watching the Pokémon Learning League again! :D

LEX (*From the Learning League*): When I need to brainstorm I always start with T.R.E.E.S (*Which stands for "Topic, "Related-words, Elaborate, Examining and Subject/solution"*)
ASH: Okay! So we'll cut some down! :D

Oh Pokémon Learning League, I love you and I probably laughed too much that that quote for my own good XD;

May also almost got squished by a Snorlax and my own attempts at brainstorming were terrible, you had to come up with a brainstorm to get Snorlax off May's ski's, one of my related-words was "May" and didn't know what the hell I should put for the elaboration, so I just wrote "May wants her skis back damnit!"...well...it IS an elaboration...kinda...Lex liked it anyway :D

Okay, enough of me rambling about being amused over a computer learning thing designed for kids.

On a work topic, I had told our checkout manager that the earliest hour I could work over Christmas was 10am...TEN AM... so why do I have loads that start at 9am ;___; Most of them aren't too bad, my dad is off, but there's one just after the new year where my dad is back to work which means I'd have to walk in the dark ;~~; I think not, I may have to leave our checkout manager a message....since she's off for the next 2 weeks ¬¬; yay...
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